Where are you from?

I was originally born in the Bronx but my family is West Indian so I've lived in St. Kitts until I was 13 and then I moved to Harlem in 2014.

How long have you been DJing?

I've just now started DJing. WBAR is my first experience ever DJing.

What is your show about?

My show is about highlighting and displaying women who rap with a special focus on black women who rap. A large chunk of the music I listen to comes from women rappers because I really think they're making some of the best music the genre has seen and will ever see. I also know that a lot of them get paid dust and are treated unfairly within the industry they're in and don't get the credit that their due - so this show is just my small way of paying my respects to them and trying to give them more of a platform for their music to be heard.

How did you come up w the title?

The "Doll" in the title Doll World came from a common suffix women rappers add to the end of their names (Asian Doll, Kash Doll, etc). Its meant to be comparable to phrases that male rappers use such as "A$AP" or "playboi" and most women rappers now don't have doll in their name but their was a time where almost everyone was some sort of variation of a doll so it's kind of iconic now and people often find themselves referring to it jokingly or playing around with the idea of renaming themselves some type of Doll.

What is your process for coming up with a playlist?

My process for coming up with playlists is like basically non-existent. There's not really a special formula or anything I just go through my spotify playlists/library and different artist radios and add songs I think would complement each other when played together. For my first show I really wanted to start the playlist with a song from when female rap was just up and coming so I went with U.N.I.T.Y by Queen Latifah which I thought accomplished the task and was also fitting for the mission of the show. I also really wanted to close with Your Love by Nicki Minaj because I think personally think (and this is arguable) that she's the most iconic woman rapper currently and Your Love was kind of her first big song (it's also really dramatic and makes for a good closing I think). Speaking of Nicki, I recently also did a Nicki Playlist to pay her owed her respect when Pitchfork had dropped their list for the best 200 songs of the 2010s and none of her non-features even made top 100 which I thought was disrespectful. So in making that I got my friend, Xan, to help me (shout out to Xan) because she's much more of a barb than I could ever be and I know she would help me good playlist. With my playlists I would really like to not make them catered to my tastes and my tastes alone so it's important to me to get other opinions from other women rap fans and not have the playlists always made by myself.

Favorite songs?

I recently played Kash Doll's entire new album which I really liked and WILL be listening to on repeat. I've also really gotten more into Leikeli47 and JunglePussy who I've always been aware of but never really listened to so Radio DJing and making sure my playlists are diverse have kind of motivated me to dive deeper into their discography. Also in the name of diversifying my playlists I've started listening to some artists like Hook and Melii who I really enjoy. And apart from all that I've also been really enjoying old faves like bbymutha's entire discography, Kitana by Princess Nokia, Lame Niggaz by Asian Doll, and Decline him by Quay Dash. Also Hot Girl Summer is a good song.

Favorite WBAR memory?

I just started a week ago so I don't have much to choose from but when I did Nicki Night a lot of my friends stopped by and we all just talked about Nicki and our favorites songs of hers which was just really wholesome and clean barb fun.

Listen to Doll World, Saturday mornings (Friday nights) from midnight to 2am, on WBAR.